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Jason William Hunt Foundation
Supporting Families in Crisis Through Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs
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Old Saybrook Events
Vol 12 Qtr 2  2011
page 15
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Knightly News 
Norte Dame H. S.
Vol 31  No. 1  Summer  2013
Page 32
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Bohemia Journal
August 2013
Vol 3 No. 7
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Press Release was picked up by numerous publicatioons both digital and hard copy, to see lisiting and review individual publications click here
AuthorHouse Radio Interview TogiNet Radio 2.0 Length: 15 minutes approx.
What the Wilderness Does Best
Warren Wislon College Panel Discussion 
Oct 16, 2013  approx 65 minutes
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Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick on EWTN Global Catholic Network September 30, 2013 Starts at 2:20:39 allow time to load. Length: nine minutes 
Replay Radio Interviews
Stu Taylor October 18, 2013 Since 2000 Stu Taylor has been the host of three nationally syndicated radio shows on three major networks
Alumni Magazine
Stonehill College
Summer/Fall 2013
Page 30 find 1967
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Society Of Professional Locksmiths News Blog 
July 27, 2013
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Walking With Jason is now international! Here is my good friend and former sales manager Bennie Penzik in Israel with his signed copy. International postage for the book is expensive so another friend who travels to Israel delivered the book. Bennie is a true continental gentleman, the son of orphans who were saved from Eastern Europe following the Russian Revolution that left a million children orphans. While retired Bennie is actively involved in the Isaac Ochberg memorial for the South African industrialist who in 1921 saved 200 children including two who would become Bennie's parents.Bennie also blogs on Israel, its culture and history:
Special News
Journal of
February 2014
Vol 14, Issue 1
pages 106 - 107
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IHM Authors' Coffee February 19, 2014 
Three parishioners discuss their books.
This is a 29 minute clip from John's presentation
How to get your copy
Lon Woodbury Parent Choices for StrugglingTeens June 9, 2014 approx 1 hour. Lon is an educational consultant & operates www.struggling
License to Parenting Radio, with Trace Embry   October 27, 2014
Therapeutic Value of Outdoors For Your Family with John Hunt (28.30 mins)
Trace and Beth Embry are Founders and Directors of Shepherd's Hill Academy, 
a faith based accredited boarding school and outdoor therapeutic program.