Table of Contents

How Did I Get Here – Change in Plans
John discusses how what was orignally his plan changed in a very quick time once he became hiking the Appalachian Trail. Faced with challenges both planned and unplanned he adjusts his focus and in the process delves deeper into the world of wilderness educators.

Painted Toenails - Jason Revealed
A biography of Jason's life as it developed through his outdoor work with children at-risk.

Old, Old Wisdom - Wilderness: Raw Power, Mystery, and Awe
A review of what has been written on the Wilderness and how it affects change in lives.

Leading From the Heart - Profiles of  Wilderness Educators 
Through a multiple of interviews charateristics and qualities of successful and engaged outdoor educators are synsthesized.

Jack Reacher Meets Shannon Zich - Empathy & Soft Skills
The greatest of traits is empathy, being in the moment. What that means and how it plays out is spotlighted in the contrast between a fictional character  and a actual wildrness educator.

The Quiet Mind – The Smart Heart - Balance of Influence
In a world that tends to remove emotions and feelings from the decision process, a world that views everything through the scientific lens this is an arugment for another way --  the way of emotions, feelings, and heart.

5 As & a T - Causes of Behavioral Dysfunction
Just as each child if different so too are the causes that effect and put them at-risk.

E=MC2 - Individual’s Development & Potential
A topic about which much has been writtten but to date without satisfying answers.  John uses Eistein's formula to prove such atttemps put undo stress on children.

Feeling Like Rodney Dangerfield – Validation
A relatively new field of help, Outdoor Experiential Educatin is misunderstood, by parents, traditional school adminsitators, social workers, insurers and government officials.   

222 Circles - Rituals and Consistencies
Play, structure, and doing things consistenly - the same way everytime-  opens the child to positive change.

The Ultimate Challenges - Contributing Adult/Supportive Parent
The power of being a contributing adult, a supportive parent on effecting change is discussed

A Culture of Joy and Belonging - Setting the Standards
Standards set the stage for change to happen.

A Telling - Eileen Speaks of Her Experience 
In a series of three writings Eileen reveals her experiences and how it has transformed her life. 
What I Have Learned
Synchronicity and time work it all out.

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Supporting Youth With Needs Through Outdoor Experiential Education
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